Handel's 'Athalia'

Saturday, May 8, 2010 - 19:30 - 22:00
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Join us for the Handelian equivalent of a soap opera!  - Athalia, Handel’s dramatic third oratorio.

Athalia is a murderous idol worshipper, intent on eradicating the Jewish line of David.   She manages to kill all but one of the heirs to the throne, Joas, who has been raised by Josabeth, wife of Joad the high priest, who has managed to keep Joas’ identity a secret. The storyline involves the emergence of Joas as the rightful heir to the throne, ending in a revolt that overthrows Athalia.

For tickets: http://www.orpheuschoirtoronto.com/

Robert Cooper and the Orpheus Choir of Toronto

Talisker Players


Michael Robert-Broder - Baritone

Meghan Fleet - Soprano

Laura Klassen - Soprano

Leigh-Anne Martin - Mezzo-Soprano

Michael Ciufo - Tenor

Patrick Jang - Tenor

David Ross - Bass

Philip Kalmanovitch - Bass


© 2009 Michael Robert-Broder